Falcula Butterflyfish

Falcula Butterflyfish


Quick Facts : Falcula Butterflyfish (Chaetodon falcula)
Level of Care: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Maximum Size: 8″
Water Conditions: 22-27C, PH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025 
Reef Compatible: No
Food and Diet: Omnivore
Species: Butterflyfish
Minimum Aquarium: 350L


Falcula Butterflyfish

The Falcula Butterflyfish (Chaetodon falcula) is often confused with and sold as the Double-Saddleback Butterflyfish (Chaetodon ulietensis). Falcula Butterflyfish inhabit the general vicinity of the Indian Ocean.  Falcula Butterflyfish is also called the Sickle Butterflyfish.  It begins mostly white fading into yellow dorsally. A series of narrow black stripes on its sides with two patches of black on the dorsal side, and a black eye band rounds out its unique coloring.

In an artificial environment, such as an aquarium, it is fairly important to mimic most of the natural environment particulars of the Falcula Butterflyfish.  To begin, a 350L tank is strongly recommended for a single fish, along with its peaceful heterospecies.   The general tank environment should be a Mini Reef system (fish-only-with-live-rock) because coral, anemones, and rock invertebrates are natural food sources.  If you want to keep more than one Falcula Butterflyfish, a jump to a 400L plus size is necessary to help keep the peace.  Butterflyfish need their territory, as well as their “personal” rocks and structures for shade, resting, and security.  While lighting intensity is not really an issue, shady areas are necessary.   Filtration to maintain high water quality is essential and must include biological, mechanical, and protein skimming.  High oxygenation is also essential, contributing along with the filtration to the overall water movement where Falcula Butterflyfish can frolic.   When first introducing a Falcula Butterflyfish to its new environment, expect it to not be overly hungry at first.  After some time, live food sources will bring your Falcula Butterflyfish back to its normal self.

Falcula Butterflyfish are omnivores feeding on anemones, coral polyps, benthic invertebrates, sponges and various marine algae. In an aquarium Falcula Butterflyfish enjoy and will need a wide variety of meaty foods such as live, frozen, freeze-dried, and vitamin enriched brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, krill, of meaty foods such as live, frozen, freeze-dried, and vitamin enriched brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, krill, chopped clams, mussels, and other crustacean flesh. They will also readily accept a variety of nutritious flake foods (carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore). Feeding time need only be 1 to 2 times per day.  Provide only what will be consumed within a few minutes. 

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